Three Minute Plastic

Two of my bizarro flash fiction stories, Chain Smoking At Bus Stops & The Misogynator, have been published on the newest edition of Three Minute Plastic.
Check them out!


The Regular

A man walks into a bar.

He has a face like a Mr. Potato head if you were to somehow shove a brick up its ass and make it really angry looking all the time.

Sauntering up to the bartender, he slams a canned-ham fist full of dollars down and mumbles something incoherently low in a voice like broken glass.

The barkeep nods and takes the waded lump of cash gingerly to the register.

“Drinks on the house!” The meat man bellows, to the astonished delight of the surrounding patrons.

The room quickly empties in an avalanche of drunken flailing limbs, all scrambling for the stairs leading to the roof.

“Works every time.” Says the grizzly man, sliding into his favorite booth.

Write Hard:

Write every single day.
Write when you’re on the toilet.
Write when you’re bored.
Write until your fingers swell and your eyes bleed.
Write novels, novellas, short stories, flash, micro, chapbooks, zines, articles, blogs, longhand, and on beer coasters.
Write in public, or in private.
Write to live.
Just write.